Game Console Repair

We can repair almost any game console.

Including (but not limited to):

  • Sony PS5 Repair
  • Sony PS4 Repair
  • Xbox Series X Repair
  • Xbox Series S Repair
  • Nintendo Switch Repair
  • Nintendo Wii U Repair

Want to replace your PlayStation HDMI port? We have you covered!

Xbox fan stopped working? Mobile Pitstop can have it back up and running.

Nintendo Switch Screen Repairs are all done in our Miranda store.

We perform various other repairs and fixes to game consoles. Need a quote? Call us today! or Come in for a chat!

Game Console Repair Miranda
Vintage Console

Vintage Console Repairs

We have the tools, if you can source the parts! Most older game consoles like the Sega Dreamcast or Amiga Commodores require reballing and solder repairs, which we’re able to do.

Please advise we do not repair large arcade machines or pinball machines.